This Week's Update (11/28/11)

Welcome back to the week!

Is everyone fully recovered from their Black Friday?

This past week(end) was a pleasant surprise for us with the excellent response we got from the Kyle Orton video. Thank you to everyone that passed it along. We're really glad that you enjoyed it. I know we had a ton of fun making it! We even made a brief appearance on YouTube's most popular videos...

We'd especially like to thank Kyle Orton. If it wasn't for you, there'd be no Orton.

We just shot another video today which involves a cop and his addiction to pepper spray. It goes without saying that this was another successful day of fun. We hope to have it up to YouTube by mid-week. So stay tuned...

Good luck to everyone on your final hours of Cyber Monday. Be thankful that you can't be pepper sprayed on Wal-Mart's website.

Thank you all for the wonderful support!


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